The perfect backdrop for a wedding: fresh sea air, white sands, crystal clear water and sprawling views, then after a lunchtime reception wrap it all up with a deep sexy sunset. Good so far?

Meet Brian & Amanda, the couple who pull off the dream wedding and make it look like a stroll down the beach. Some might say that their day jobs as accomplished accountants, and ninja like excel skills for projecting every scheduling minutia played some small part, but I say “Nay” – “T’was fate and the beauty of true love that found the way!‘.

Thanks to the grand and airy Bathers Pavillion at Balmoral Beach for the spectacular views and food and to Robyn Pattison for an insightful take on how M&M’s can make love more sweet.

Hilary and Nicola, you know you’ve exceeded expectations when you’ve transformed a couple from not wanting to see themselves in photos to a couple who cannot wait to see photos of them over and over again!

We’re so happy you shared the journey with us and captured the moments in a fine quality album that we will open time and time again. The service you provided us was exceptional and we know our paths will cross in the near future as we recommend you on to many of our friends.

Thanks once again for being more than just a wedding photographer.

Amanda & Brian