We want to inspire, create and evoke emotion and savour every last detail. Often the smallest wedding details differentiate and define your personal style and showcase your personality. You’ll probably spend hours curating your wedding colour palate, specifying individual flowers in your bouquet, choosing decorations, stationary colours down to the style of icing on your cake and it’s the culmination of all the small details that give your wedding it’s individual style and theme.

We take pride in noticing the beauty in the small things and taking gorgeous detail shots. We dedicate an entire hour ( at each persons prep) to ensure we properly capture all your wedding accessories; wedding bands, wedding shoes, engagement rings, bouquets and stationary. We meticulously curate your details into a flatlay and are known in the industry for our flat lays and detail shots, you wont find better anywhere else. We always schedule time to arrive early to your reception and wedding ceremony to ensure we can capture all the amazing floral decorations, tablescapes and DIY details. Because details matter. If you planned it – we’ll definitely photograph it.


“Success in any endeavour requires single-minded attention to detail and total concentration.”
– Willie Sutton (aka, “Slick Willie, the famous bank robber)