Our process

Quality is the core of our business. In every interaction with our clients and at every stage of our workflow we strive to deliver the best quality service, imagery and products. The end result is authentic photographs of your day that are meaningful as well as beautiful to look at.


We first discover who you are and what your wedding is about. During your consult we draft a runsheet based on your plans and offer timings optimised for awesome photos.

A month before your wedding we review these plans again.


To capture your day we combine our solid expertise behind a camera and cutting edge gear with what we have discovered about you and your day.


The most intensive part of our process! We review, select and refine all the final photos. Ranging between 900 and 1,000 photos depending on your day. This is where we invest most of our time.


Once your photos are looking gorgeous, we order premium prints of all your photos and wrap them in eco-friendly packaging. Your photos are also put in the cloud so you can share them and order enlargements with ease.


Our work begins before we even touch a camera

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Getting to know you
Getting to know your day

When you hire a photographer, the difference between comprehensive wedding coverage and missed moments comes down to communication. You don’t want to be meeting your photographer for the first time on your wedding day.

We are committed to providing a personal experience, so we sit down face to face over a beer or hot chocolate and spend some time with you. We get to know our couples, find who is important, what is unique or significant to you and your families. This is why we won’t ever book a wedding without meeting the couple first – we need to make it personal.

The more you get to know us, the more comfortable you’ll feel in front of the camera. This means you’re more relaxed, results in you being yourself, having more fun and getting loads of natural, candid photos.

Let us simplify your paperwork. We can identify most planning and timing issues early on and build a wedding day timeline that avoids them, all in your initial consultation. We offer approaches, location ideas and guidance aimed to improve the photos and your wedding experience.

We are big believers in being comprehensive and don’t skimp on time. You can’t squeeze your entire wedding coverage into a 6-hour window and expect great results – unlike others we don’t impose hourly maximums on coverage time. We have one night-time cut-off of 9:30pm (extensions available) but our start time and total coverage time is flexible to suit your plans without limit.

A month before the wedding we have a second meeting to iron out any kinks in our first runsheet and to get stuck into understanding the details of you final plans. This is where you also go through your family shot list and highlight your photo requests. This meeting is face-to-face to ensure nothing gets lost in translation (emails are just no substitute) and we are all on the same page come your wedding day.


From the big picture

We step back and get our bearings, before we dive in. So do our photos. We capture the surrounding backdrop of your wedding, reminding you why you first fell in love with that spot.

…to the smallest detail

We are expert at macro photos of rings, jewellery and flat-lays.  We have an eagle eye for the little things you have been collecting for your wedding day and our photos ensure you will have a photographic record that can be shared.

We thrive on a challenge, and offer solutions to the biggest wedding woes
Beautifully lit portraits

Our photos are mostly light, bright and glowing. We are experts at manipulating natural light. All your portraits are perfectly lit, bright and vibrant. No dark shadowed faces or green hues in our portraits.

Mindful of your guests

We care about your guests. During your ceremony and reception we are photo ninjas; unseen & unheard. We are unobtrusive yet comprehensive. We won’t plonk a tripod in the aisle or hover between you and your guests during the ceremony.

Candid moments

We have our eyes peeled for those special one-off moments that can happen in an instant. We know who the important family members are and when to focus on them.

Organised formal photos

Forget chaos at family photo time, we spreadsheet it. We will be ready to tick off every combination you have thought of, so you can stay composed and no aunts will miss a shot.

We rock in the rain

Pelting with rain? We can still make you look good and we always have you covered. Seriously we keep wedding umbrellas in our car in case it rains. Also our wet weather guarantee means should it be bucketing down at the time of our location shoot, we will offer you a complimentary 2hr shoot on another day of your choosing.

Not afraid of the dark

Shadowy church? Dark reception? Grey day? We are pretty nifty when it comes to flash photography. We have a separate lighting kit with a range of continuous, off camera flashes and light sticks.


Our work continues long after the confetti settles

After your wedding the hard work begins.
Safe & secure
Time-intensive retouching

Our workflow is is precisely planned right from the first meeting through to the delivery of your prints and files. We are obsessive with backup & storage. Your images are backed-up in triplicate in 3 separate locations after the wedding to guard against data loss. During the entire process your personal information is secure both onsite and in the cloud. Your wedding images will never go missing – even if our studio burns down or our computers get stolen.

Wrinkles, pimples, creased dresses – we can fix that! Working with 50 megapixel images we have a lot to play with, we retouch and edit every single photo to perfection, reducing blemishes, cleaning messy backgrounds and smoothing harsh shadows on faces. For every hour of photography at your wedding, at least five more are inveted in postproduction. So while you are soaking up the sun on your honeymoon, we’ll be at our desks making sure every shot looks its best.


Let’s get physical

What’s included.
Cloud gallery

Everyone gets prints! Our standard package comes with a box of 4×6 inch prints (between 900 – 1,000 photos). Gorgeous images deserve great quality prints, which is why we’ve searched Australia for the best quality prints we could find.

It’s hard to snuggle up with digital files but easy to cozy up with prints. Pass them around the kitchen table, or cover your walls with them. Your choice of traditional Lustre (250gsm) or unique Art Paper (180gsm) prints are delivered in an elegant pine keepsake box, with your names and wedding date laser engraved on the lid.

Your photos are all uploaded at full resolution, neatly organised and beautifully presented so you can proudly share them with loved ones and friends. You won’t have the hassle of having to email individual image files of your day to uncles and aunts just share the link and password and your set.

We also partnered with the best lab in Australia and integrated our favourite print products into the online gallery. Mum & dad can get their favourite shot from iPad to framed in the corridor, in next to no time.

High resolution files

You will also get your full resolution jpeg files on a high capacity, high speed USB.

Print ready files with no watermarks or artificial limitations.

5 years accessFull resolution download
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…so far, so good?